Jerseyman Island

The light at Jerseyman Island was established in 1872, on the northwest end of Jerseyman.  This island shelters Arichat harbour to the northwest.  This entrance is narrow (about 180 meters, but realtively deep at 16-18 meters at low tide).  The light at Marache Point is at the southwest entrance to Arichat harbour.   The first lighthouse erected had a tower and an attached dwelling.  One year after this lighthouse was built the August gale of 1873 caused much concern.  At that point it was decided to put wire stays on the building and ballasted cribwork as protection against the sea.  The first keeper was Charles C Boudrot.  The building remained intact until 1950, except for an addition to the dwelling in 1889.  In 1950, a new lighthouse tower and a separate dwelling were completed.

Guiding Lights of Isle Madame: Jerseyman Island Lighthouse

In 1978, the light at Jerseyman became unmanned.  The dwelling was declared surplus in 1980 and is now across the harbour.  There was much local dismay at the sale of the dwelling; people believed that it should remain on the island.

Lightkeepers at Jerseyman Island:
Charles C Boudrot 1872-1873
Simon Babin Sr 1873-1877
Simon Babin Jr 1877-1883
Georges Vigneau 1883-1905
Alphonse Theriault 1905-1931
Joesph Martell 1931-1931
Irving R Latimer 1931-1955
Abel J LeBlanc 1955-1978

An event that ocurred in 1970 that had connections to Jerseyman Island is the Arrow disaster, Canada’s first oil disaster.  This happened in closer proximity to the Marache Point light, but the initial call for help came from the lightkeeper at Jerseyman Island, Abel LeBlanc.