Isle Madame is an archipelago of islands, with the ocean playing an important part in the lives it its people.

The Isle Madame Lighthouse Preservation Society was begun as a committee in 2009 to help preserve the heritage of the lighthouse community on Isle Madame. The organization was incorporated as a society in 2011. The goal of the society is to save the words, pictures and buildings that tell the stories of life at sea. The Isle Madame Lighthouse Preservation Society has applied for heritage status for two of these lights: Marache Point and Jerseyman Island.

At one time there were thirteen lighthouses on Isle Madame; there are only four now standing. Fisherman of many nationalities have called Isle Madame home: the Basques, the Acadians, the French, the Irish, among others. The lighthouses of Isle Madame have helped to make this a safer environment for the local fishermen and those from away.

Lights were manned for the last time in 1986, when the last light keeper on the island was discharged. All lighthouses on Isle Madame are all now unmanned.